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We saw flights landing in nearby Tegel airport from our office, and wondered where all those airplanes came from. Sure, there is, but that was too easy. So I made control tower, and now we ask Slack for answers.

To work the bot needs permissions for slash commands, and incoming hooks. We have a dedicated channel #planespotting for planespotting where each sighting is posted. The control tower will reply privately if you call it anywhere else—this way you don't need to change channels.

The control tower supports 3,911 airports with scheduled flights in the world thanks to data from To look for flights use the command /spot followed by either the IATA code of the airport, the name of the city in english or random to look at a random airport. If the control tower doesn't see any flights in the air, you get back the current weather in that location.

/spot TXL
/spot Berlin
/spot random

TAP Portugal

Ethiopian Airlines

All Nippon Airways



The airplane marker will feature the most common color from the airline’s logo. We support more than 800 airlines thanks for the nice folks at

Privacy policy: The control tower does not store any information beyond the name of the team connected, the user id and time of each request. No other sensitive information is stored.

Take a break. Look outside. Spot planes.
Your mind will thank you.

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